Out of time

by Nobody´s Fool

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released April 11, 2016

-Editado por Fierro! Records /Contacto: info.fierrorecords@gmail.com - fierro.bandcamp.com

-Gravado e mesturado por Alberto Quintá no estudo "As Gonzalinhas" de Ois Pequeno, Lalín, Galiza no inverno de 2015. Contacto 606 771 686.

-Masterizado por Adriá Bertrán nos Chicken Farm Studios de Tarragona no Verán de 2015. /Contacto: Facebook: Chickenfarmstudio

-Deseño, maquetación e debuxo da capa por Sergi Bertrán /Contacto: sergi.bertrán@gmail.com

-Fotografías ao vivo a cargo de Jess & Witchfinder Fotografía /Contacto: jesswitchfinder@hotmail.es - Facebook: Jess & Witchfinder Fotografía

- Todas as Músicas e letras son feitas e interpretadas por Nobody´s Fool agás:

*"Break Bones" Música baseada na canción "Black Sabbath" dos Black Sabbath como unha pequena homenaxe, e letra a cargo de Xose "Ayú"
**"If I Die Before I Wake..." Música de Nobody´s Fool e letra baseada no poema; "If I die before i wake..." do poeta galego Lois Pereiro, publicado por Edicións Positivas no libro "Poesía última de amor e enfermidade" (1995)

Nobody´s Fool Somos:

Cris: Batería e coros
Zalabeite: Baixo e coros
Rubén: Guitarra e voz principal




Nobody´s Fool Donramiro, Spain

Nados en Donramiro, Galiza no inverno de 2011 co obxetivo de escorrentar o frío e o aburrimento facendo Punk. Influenciados por bandas como The Crack, Darkbuster, La Resistencia, Keltoi ou Bouncing Souls... Non queremos pasar á historia, somentes ser escoitados, estar xuntos, tocar na túa vila... Nada máis pero tampouco nada menos.
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Track Name: You Won´t Change

“I won’t change “, you repeat yourself although the gray reaches to your head
“I won't change” , but on Sundays your head hurts like never before
“I won´t change”, But today you can not spend the same time together
“I won´t change” , but now you have to look calm during the storm

No one likes getting old, in a countdown that will not stop
I should have been warned
No one likes getting old, if They Had Told Me so
I had hidden underground

“I won´t change”, But today you can not spend the same time together
“I won't change” , but on Sundays your head hurts like never before

You won`t Change! What's wrong with your head?
Track Name: Out of time
Out of time

Your face has changed your hair is gray
but I Recognize your smile
Take on First of all we're no longer fashionable
and we're out of time
The streets have changed and we the same
but still feel them as mine
How long we`ve been slow to realize that
we aren`t the chosen ones

When darkness rears its head
and the leaves are falling down
Hold me tight again
and together we can reach the sun
Track Name: Carry it with Pride
Carry it with pride

Today I can´t deny it
I left it far behind
Today I can´t deny it
And although the days pass me by

And now I carry it with pride
I have scars on my heart but…
The distance has made me forget those hard times

I hope you open your minds
Rotten by rain and wine
The distance has made me forget my fucked up town
Track Name: Living for today
Living for today

Always the same old story, the landless forced to say sorry
Once and again, ankle and chain, here is the reason of our endless hate
The never ending preaching, talk a lot and say nothing
Once and again, they aren´t aware; you can hammer a nail with his head

They are barking every day, And You Don´t care what they say
Tomorrow is too late, live for today; live for today and still stand
They are barking every day, And Don´t care what they say
You are living for today…
Track Name: 1467
Hey! No one has told you what, and you’ve always believe that we`re a submissive land
And this had been the case from the start.
A tale carved in stone like our hometown´s Celtic cross
Even if you think all hope is gone

Believe that we got to fight
Take my hand, and the future will belong to us
Take my hand!
Believe me and we will tear them down
Here we stand, with our roots deep in the land
We will rise again!

You know we are the have nots and we can't stand injustice anymore
Let’s break down all the castle stones
Poverty and pride seared into our sickles and in our souls
No one will fight alone anymore

Believe that we got to fight
Take my hand, and the future will belong to us
Take my hand!
Believe me and we will tear them down
Here we stand, with our roots deep in the land
We will rise again!
Track Name: Against the Odds

For anyone who stepped on your head when you wanted to lift
You must stand to spit in her face

For all those who did not believe in you
When you needed was a prop not a trip

Ooooh oooh oooh
You always have to fight against the odds
Ooooh oooh oooh
You have to give them always where it hurts
Track Name: Where we belong
Where we belong

I love you and I hate to parts at once,
The same idiot rivals that old kind smile
If I were born again would here 1000 times
Always thinking of back home but in the end
I need to breathe at least

Back where I belong

Nowadays I close my eyes
The Memories haunt me and then I see
A kid Lying in a meadow living free
But now some people`ve changed to no longer be the same

Back where I belong
Track Name: Bruises and shame
Bruises and shame

Beers and fury on Friday and I walked back to home
When a car stopped beside me “Is Inside a friend, or not? “
Adri with a Smile seemed my savior at that time
I said “ sorry i´m very drunk” then I got into the car

Everything ´s fine when someone passed us in the right lane
it pissed me off “Hurry up! follow them!”
“street by street and every corner we will give them”
these Assholes will find out and then we´ll play

I got off the car, i hit his window baring teeth
“Get off motherfucker, I'll give you what you deserve”
quarrel started beating us to each other in the face
And Adri laughed until a copper arrived at the scene

“Stop this madness ! what the fuck is going wrong with you? ”
“Come on Adri run away from here!...”
hangover always goes better sharing a beer among friends
Recalling our ridiculous feat!
Track Name: Break Bones*
Break Bones*

In every fucking show, I Break my bones
I´m not insane i´m crazy,
Now i make this choice, I break my bones
I´m not afraid , this is the end.

I´m looking for some action let me show my passion.
Destination have fun now all the kids are screamig loud.
More stage dives lsnding on floor there is no pain ´cause i feel the noise.

Wild in the scene, fighting!, fighting!
Many people is talking shit, but they don´t change nothing.
I don´t care silly boys, good vibraions is all i want.
Track Name: If I die before I wake...**
If I Die Before I Wake

O Pasado apodrece baixo a terra
e o presente non flúe,
é un río morto.
Pero esta vez haberá resurrección
e o futuro é por forza alleo a mín.